Tytron and Pattern Analysis Course




A cardiologist can read an ECG. Shouldn’t you, an expert in the craniocervical junction, be able to read a thermograph pattern?  The Tytron & Pattern Analysis Online Course is a series of videos plus course notes explaining the six elements of thermography in an Upper Cervical practice aimed to expand your certainty in knowing what your scans actually mean.
  1. Thermography Rationale & Research
  2. Using the Tytron Software
  3. Proper Scanning Technique
  4. How to Identify Pattern
  5. How to Read Thermography Graphs
  6. A Clinical Decision Making Algorithm
The materials are based on the work of Dr Duff and integrated with clinical interpretation guidelines as described by BJ Palmer, Dr Wheldon Muncy, Dr Tom Forest and many others.  Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive an invite to the Tytron & Pattern Analysis materials from Dropbox to the email you make the purchase from within 5 days. You will be able to view all files online or direct download so that you can view these videos at your own speed any time you wish. 
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