Clinical Neuroanatomy Module




Do you remember your first year at chiropractic school? Anatomy. Neurology. The problem is that you’re so busy that you can’t see the forest through the trees! If you’ve ever thought, “I would love to learn that stuff again so that I could actually appreciate it as an experienced chiropractor!” this program is for you.
Being all the way out in Australia, travel is the major limiting factor that has kept me from enrolling in the ICA DCCJP course. I had to think of another way to to satisfy my own desire to fortify my knowledge with cutting edge research of the craniocervical junction. In classic Jeff Hannah style, I therefore went WAY over the top to create these notes, slides and videos: the Chiropractic Clinical Craniocervical Neuroanatomy and Research Review.
1 Osteology
2 Ligaments
3 Normal Biomechanics
4 Abnormal Biomechanics
5 Myology and Fascia
6 Brainstem Nuclei and Tracts
7 Cervicocranial Plexus
8 Fluid Dynamics
9 Subluxation Hypotheses
Each module is complete with a series of videos and over 200 pages of notes plus citations (up to date through 2018).
Upon confirmation of payment, you will receive an invite to the Clinical Neuroanatomy materials from Dropbox to the email you make the purchase from within 5 days. You will be able to view all files online or direct download so that you can view these videos at your own speed any time you wish.
It ain’t the DCCJP, but its a darn fine start for the rest of us! Order now!