Advanced Instructor


  • Completion of primary, intermediate and advanced Blair Technique
  • 4 years of full-time practice (or equivalent part-time practice) using Blair Technique on at least 80% of patients
  • Current certification as instructor at primary level.


  • Demonstration on  toggle monitor (or other appropriate device) of a minimum of 20 simulated adjustments of assigned listings.  Each simulated adjustment may be attempted twice.  This series of simulated adjustments will be judged by an instructor currently certified at the advanced level, appointed by the Chairman of the Committee on Instruction, and will be rated as “passing” if the examining instructor finds at least one of the attempts satisfactory on at least 80% of the listings assigned.
  • Oral or written (or both) examination on principles and objectives of spinal correction under Blair Technic, including (but  not limited to) topics on adjusting technique, use of analytic indicators, and case management principles and their application. Administrated and evaluated by one (or, when available, more) instructor(s)  currently certified at the advanced level, appointed as examiner(s) by the Chairman of the Committee on Instruction. Rated as “passing” or “not passing” a majority of examining instructors must concur in a “passing” rating.

For initial certification at the advanced level, a “passing” mark must be earned for each of the requirements set forth above, in either order, within a period of two years of the initial examination of demonstration.


  1. Request in writing on office letterhead the desire to be evaluated for the Blair Instructor Certification addressed to the Chair of Technique and Instruction. (Dr Tom Forest)
  2. Request is to be accompanied by proof of attendance of 3 sets of Primary, Intermediate and Advanced Blair Seminars, including seminar dates and names of instructors.
  3. Include a check for $400 made out to the Blair Chiropractic Society, which is non-refundable and due in full prior to the initial examination or submission. You can also pay the testing fee online by contacting


  • Must attend at least one Blair function (seminar or conference) per year.
  • Must be a current dues paying member of the Blair Chiropractic Society.
  • Submit to periodic evaluations by the Committee in Instruction.
  • Maintain outstanding professional ethics as a representative of the Blair Technique and the Blair Chiropractic Society.
  • Failure to comply with the above mentioned requirements may result in revocation of certified instructor status.

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